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24/06/2019 Naaya News 6 new species described by GTI funded researchers
11/06/2019 Naaya News Aspire Grant Program
Source: CARN
20/05/2019 Naaya News 1st International Symposium in Tropical African Mycology
Source: University of Parakou
20/05/2019 Naaya News Call for proposals for a training course in taxonomy and systematics of African pollinating flies'
Source: Africa museum
03/05/2019 Naaya News The 2019 GTI external call for proposals is open!
Source: GTI NFP
26/04/2019 Naaya News Application for the SPIBES Master's Programme
24/04/2019 Naaya News MOUNAF mobility call
24/04/2019 Naaya News PhD defense of GTI alumnus, Héritier Milenge Kamalebo
01/04/2019 Naaya News OWSD Early Career Fellowship
Source: OWSD
25/03/2019 Naaya News New butterfly species named after the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
Source: CBD
25/03/2019 Naaya News 2019 DEST courses registration open
Source: DEST
25/03/2019 Naaya News GTI alumnus gets a PhD scholarship at ICIPE (Nairobi, Kenya)
20/03/2019 Naaya News TWAS Research Grants for nationals of developing countries
Source: TWAS
15/03/2019 Naaya News Phasma meeting at the RBINS on 21st April 2019
01/03/2019 Naaya News New publication by GTI alumnus, Dr O. H. Odountan, on the biomonitoring of lakes in West Africa
01/02/2019 Naaya News ARPPIS-DAAD PhD scholarships for study at icipe
Source: icipe
25/01/2019 Naaya News Isabella Yasmine Olodo, GTI grantee, wins price at Diatom conference
08/01/2019 Naaya News Ph. D. defense of Mr YIAN Gouvé Claver, GTI alumnus
Source: CHM Côte d'Ivoire
13/12/2018 Naaya News New publication by GTI grantee, Sylvestre Badou, and colleagues describing 2 new species of edible mushrooms in Africa
04/12/2018 Naaya News 2019 Training session on FishBase and Fish Taxonomy
Source: RMCA
27/11/2018 Naaya News Dr. NSENGIMANA Venuste, GTI alumnus, presented his Ph. D. thesis for the award of the degree of Doctor (PhD) in Agronomy and Bioengineering
Source: CEBioS
21/11/2018 Naaya News Graduation of Naturinda Zerubabeeli, GTI grantee
20/07/2018 Naaya News Restitution des résultats de recherche sur les écosystèmes souterrains aquatiques du Bénin
10/07/2018 Naaya News Big data for biodiversity: surpasses 1 billion species occurrences
Source: GBIF
20/06/2018 Naaya News 2 new publications from GTI projects on pollinators in Africa
13/06/2018 Naaya News GTI alumnus Héritier Milenge Kamalebo presents his research at CEBioS colloquium
Source: CEBioS
14/05/2018 Naaya News 2 new publications by GTI alumnus and RBINS researcher on potentially invasive ant species in Côte d'Ivoire
17/04/2018 Naaya News New publication by GTI alumnus, Cuong Do, from Vietnam
03/04/2018 Naaya News GTI training advertised on partner website in Vietnam
Source: SIE
23/02/2018 Naaya News Scholarship: Intra-Africa Academic mobility Project: Partnership for Training Scientist in Crop Improvement for Food Security in Africa (SCIFSA)
13/02/2018 Naaya News New publication by GTI alumnus, Héritier Milenge Kamalebo on uses and importance of wild fungi in DR Congo
26/01/2018 Naaya News Launch of Abc Taxa volume 17 on edible mushrooms of Haut-Katanga (DR Congo)
24/01/2018 Naaya News Description of 2 new species by RBINS researcher thanks to GTI funding
24/01/2018 Naaya News Description of a new genus and species of Cicada from Vietnam
16/01/2018 Naaya News Launch of a policy brief dedicated to insect biodiversity in Vietnam
10/01/2018 Naaya News Call for proposals on 'Biodiversity Informatics for African Freshwater and Pollinator Biodiversity'
Source: JRS Biodiversity Foundation
20/12/2017 Naaya News GTI e-book: Introduction to Access and Benefit-Sharing and the Nagoya Protocol: What DNA Barcoding Researchers Need to Know
Source: CDB Secretariat
08/12/2017 Naaya News Appel à projets 2018 de la FFRBA
22/11/2017 Naaya News New publication by GTI alumnus, Laura Estelle Yêyinou Loko, on Farmers’ perception of termites in agriculture production in Benin
22/11/2017 Naaya News 2018 IFS Individual Research Grants
10/11/2017 Naaya News 2018 RBINS GTI internal call for proposals for taxonomic research and capacity building projects is open
06/11/2017 Naaya News Bourses stage FishBase et taxonomie des poissons africains
Source: MRAC
03/10/2017 Naaya News Call for Proposal on the Global Taxonomy Initiative Training Course to be Organized in Developing Countries in 2018
Source: CBD Secretariat
14/09/2017 Naaya News GTI alumnus Héritier MILENGE KAMALEBO hired as research assistant
12/09/2017 Naaya News 2nd AUF call for funding to attend a scientific meeting for researchers from West Africa
Source: AUF
28/08/2017 Naaya News Training session on African pollinating flies in Kenya in November 2017
Source: RMCA
28/07/2017 Naaya News Ph. D. defense of Mr Olaniran Hamed ODOUNTAN, GTI alumnus
26/07/2017 Naaya News Find out the results of GTI alumni awareness projects
25/07/2017 Naaya News Description of 2 new species by GTI alumnus Hermann Taedoumg
03/07/2017 Naaya News Launch of the new Abc taxa manual dedicated to diatoms from the Congo and Zambezi Basins
19/06/2017 Naaya News Registration for the postgraduate course "Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology" at Ghent University (Belgium) is open!
15/06/2017 Naaya News IFS Individual Research Grants
08/06/2017 Naaya News Smith Fellows 2018 Call for Proposals
31/05/2017 Naaya News New publication by GTI alumnus, Lombart M.M. Kouakou, on the invasive tropical fire ant in Côte d'Ivoire
23/05/2017 Naaya News Ph. D. defense of Mr Bill KASONGO WA NGOY KASHIKI, GTI trainee
10/05/2017 Naaya News Training on conservation and computerization of zoology and geology collections in Belgium
Source: MRAC
26/03/2017 Naaya News Final GBIF-BID call for proposals from sub-Saharan Africa
Source: GBIF
24/02/2017 Naaya News Call for the 4th Summer School in Tropical Mycology
13/02/2017 Naaya News Unitas Malacological - student research awards 2017
31/01/2017 Naaya News Taxonomists, An Endangered Species
Source: Reinout Verbeke, RBINS
11/01/2017 Naaya News AUF funding to attend a scientific meeting for researchers in West Africa
09/01/2017 Naaya News Sud expert plantes développement durable 2017 – 3rd call for projects