News 6 new species described by GTI funded researchers

Jérôme Constant, RBINS, and his Vietnamese colleague, Hong Thai Pham, VNMN, have described 6 new species of lanternflies of the Indochinese region.

Release date 24/06/2019
Geographical coverage Indochina, Asia
Keywords Lanternbug, Fulgoroidea, Planthopper, trophobiosis, Formicidae.

The article is published in the 86th issue of the Belgian Journal of Entomology (1–42 (2019) ISSN: 2295-0214).

It is entitled: 'Polydictya lanternflies of the Indochinese region: Six new species and identification key (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Fulgoridae).'


Six new species of Polydictya Guérin-Méneville, 1844 are described from the Indochinese region: P. draysapensis sp. nov., P. nami sp. nov. and P. nigrifrons sp. nov. from Vietnam, P. khmera sp. nov. from Cambodia, P. laotiana sp nov. from Laos and P. thompsoni sp. nov. from Thailand. The genitalia of the new species are described and illustrated as well as those of P. chantrainei Nagai & Porion, 2004 for comparison. Photographs of habitus and details, a distribution map and photographs of specimens in nature when available, are provided. A checklist and an identification key to the 13 species of Polydictya recorded from the Indochinese region, are given. The first record of trophobiosis of a species of Polydictya with Formicidae is given and illustrated for P. thompsoni. Seven additional species examined for comparison are illustrated: P. affinis Atkinson, 1889, P. basalis (Hope, 1843), P. johannae Lallemand, 1956, P. kuntzi Nagai & Porion, 2004, P. pantherina Gerstaecker, 1895, P. tricolor (Westwood, 1845) and P. uniformis (Walker, 1857).

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