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This new grant type funds the participation of (para)taxonomists from eligible developing countries in short-term general trainings/workshops (co-)organized by the Belgian GTI NFP in Belgium or abroad (up to 2 weeks).

In contrast to the trainings at Belgian institutions provided in the context of the GTI Grant Type 1, which usually focus on specific taxonomic groups, these general workshops aim to enhance the participant’s knowledge and/or skills in domains that are relevant across taxa.

General trainings are ad hoc or demand-driven and may cover the following topics (without being exhaustive):

  • Introduction to taxonomy
  • Introduction to natural history collections
  • Nomenclature and classification
  • Species concepts
  • Evolution
  • Molecular biology and phylogenetics
  • DNA barcoding
  • Combining taxonomy with GIS, remote sensing, aerial photography to upscale towards land cover/use management
  • Scientific & project writing
  • Interpretation and visualization of taxonomic data (including statistics)
  • Integrating taxonomic research into policy recommendations (e.g., producing policy briefs) for better biodiversity conservation and local livelihoods
  • Networking (alumni, regional mycologists, etc.)
  • Mainstreaming GTI and taxonomy in other scientific domains, other sectors, development cooperation, etc.

Calls for training participants are launched on a regular basis.

Click here to access the 2021 call, which is open for submissions from 22 March until 26 April 2021.

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