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In order to assist developing countries with the installment of an operational taxonomic workforce, the Belgian National Focal Point to the Global Taxonomy Initiative has set up a training program that incorporates both theoretical and taxon-specific teaching. The present so-called 'GTI-reader' is the basic tool used by the Belgian GTI tutors to teach the general principles of contemporary theoretical taxonomy. It includes sections that cover a number of biological sub-disciplines that a taxonomist must understand in order to perform state of the art taxonomic research, but also sections that cover more pragmatic issues that taxonomists must master (e.g. making of a taxonomic publication, finding appropriate funding for a taxonomic project, making efficient-use of web-based tools, etc.).

The 'GTI-reader' is organised in modules that hold each three separate sections:

  • introduction: concise texts as to the 'What?', 'Why?' and How?' of the concerned module;
  • course: the slides used in teaching by the tutors.
  • learn more: a folder that contains background references (restricted access for copyright protection), links to relevant websites, other presentations and appropriate movies.

Many of these modules are currently being reworked and are therefore currently not, or only partially, available.

This reader will be available in English and French, although slight differences between the content of the two versions may exists.

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