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For students and researchers from a developing country


The Belgian GTI notified me that my project has been accepted. What happens now?

The Belgian GTI will soon re-contact you to discuss timing and duration of your visit to Belgium.

The Belgian GTI office has sent me an official letter of invitation. Can I start the visa procedure now?

No, the Belgian GTI will notify you when you have to start your procedure.
The Belgian GTI office has sent me an e-mail that I can start the procedure. What do I do? Contact the concerned Embassy / Consulate by phone or e-mail and make an appointment.
What documents do I take to the Embassy?

You must take:

(i) your international passport (must still be valid three months after you terminate your visit to Belgium);

(ii) your official letter of invitation;

(iii) two good quality passport pictures;

(iv) an electronic ticket receipt of your e-ticket

(v) Health insurance attestation for your stay in Belgium (provided by the GTI).


 What happens in the Embassy?

You will be asked to fill in an application form and will be interviewed.


I experience problems in getting a visa. What do I do?

Contact the Belgian GTI office immediately (on

How much will a visa cost?

Because we use a special procedure, your visa will normally be free of charge.

 I just have received my visa for Belgium. What do I do?
Contact the Belgian GTI office immediately (on and let them know the good news.
What's an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is a virtual ticket that exists only in the booking system of your travel operator.

Do I get a paper ticket?

No, paper tickets no longer exist.

How do I use an e-ticket

Go to , enter the data mentioned on your letter of invitation, and print an ‘electronic ticket receipt). Take that receipt and your valid passport with you when you check in for your flight at the airport.

Do I have to confirm my flight?

No flight confirmation is not longer requested by most companies. However, you should always check your flight on prior to your trip. It happens frequently that schedules are changed.

When do I have to be at the airport? International flights require that you present yourself at least two hours before departure. We advice you to be at the airport three hours before departure (better safe than sorry).
What documents do I take to Belgium?

Make sure that you have your letter of invitation on you when arriving in Belgium.

What documents must I give to the Belgian GTI office?

All original receipts of (relevant) expenses made in terms of your visa procedure must be given to the Belgian GTI office for refund. We also want you to give us your boarding form/used trainticket.

When I arrive in Belgium, will somebody bring me to my hotel?

Yes, a pre-booked and pre-paid taximan will wait for you at your arrival (airport or station). He will drive you to your accomodation.

What happens if my plane is delayed?

You do not need to worry; taxi's are available 24 hours a day. The Belgian GTI office will also let you have telephone numbers for emergencies.

How do I get around in terms of transport?

For your transport to and from the institution where you receive training, you'll receive the needed documents for the public transport. For your transport during the weekend or other non-working days, you'll have to use your own means.

Where can I eat?

If your training takes place in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, we advise you to take your lunch in our restaurant. Here you'll get a two-course meal for a very reasonable price (4 €).

What happens when I get ill?

You contact the Belgian GTI immediately on +32 2 627 45 45.

Can I take biological specimens to Belgium? Yes you can, but you have to make sure that you have an official letter that clearly states that the specimens you are transporting have no commercial value and are of scientific value only. You are not allowed to transport specimens in preservative fluids such as formol or alcohol. For transport of ‘wet material' you'll need to wrap specimens in preservative soaked cloth and put these in several secured plastic bags.

You cannot transport live material.

Can I take these specimens back to my home country after my study visit.

Yes you can. The Belgian GTI office will provide you with an official letter.

Will I get a certificate after the training? Yes, the Belgian GTI will provide you with a ‘certificate of participation'.
What clothing is needed in Belgium? The answer depends strongly on the season. In winter temperatures can drop below -5°C; in summer they can raise to 25°C. You should always bring closed shoes and something to protect you against rain.
Anything else I need to know? Yes, you will be expected to deliver a short PowerPoint presentation regarding your work and study visit, so do bring the needed materials.